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Boxabl - Animated Commercial

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Boxable: Fun Times with Frank the Pig
Our journey with Boxable was a total joyride. The company's got a great rep, even
Elon Musk is a fan – we discovered this during our research and instantly fell for their awesome homes.

The client threw in a cool twist, giving us a project inspired by the Three Little Pigs but with a creative spin. They let us have a blast with unconventional ideas, like burning down houses and giving pigs a little pop – definitely not our usual gig, but our team loved every bit of it.

Watch it here

After this standout project, our collaboration with the client blossomed. We got busy creating tons of character poses, and our main character, the adorable Frank the Pig, became a sensation. You can spot him on trucks, in factories, and in every house they build – a real source of pride for our team. We also dabbled in some virtual reality projects with the same client. Our fondness for Frank and the awesome times with Boxable just keeps growing...

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