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Forge of Empires - Game Trailer

Property of InnoGames


Teaming up with InnoGames for the popular Forge of Empires game, our crew at CEDGE Productions embraced the challenge of making an engaging trailer for this city-building strategy game. With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, Forge of Empires is a big game that demands nothing short of excellence.

Watch it here

Challenges and Highlights

  • A Learning Journey: Working alongside InnoGames proved to be an enriching experience, providing us with valuable insights into the detailed world of game production. The detailed feedback and the clarity of the production vision inspired us to up our game, and every step of the process became a learning opportunity.

  • The Client's Quest for Perfection: InnoGames, with its careful eye, pushed us to the limit during the production of the trailer. Never satisfied with the first cut, the client looked closely at every frame, leaving no room for error. This demanding yet rewarding collaboration challenged our team to strive for perfection at every turn.

  • The Weight of Detail: Forge of Empires presented us with a unique challenge – a lot of intricate details. From elaborate sets to props and character designs, the project required a high level of precision. The sheer weight of these details made rendering a daunting task, prompting us to adopt a layered approach to manage the complexity.

  • Pushing Limits: The intensity of the project reached new heights as our lighting and rendering department found themselves working relentlessly for over 24 hours straight, without a break. While the experience was tough, the dedication and perseverance paid off in the end, as the final result left us with a profound sense of accomplishment.

In collaboration with InnoGames on Forge of Empires, CEDGE Productions not only met the challenges head-on but also pushed the boundaries of our creativity and dedication. The relentless pursuit of perfection, coupled with the weight of detailed work, shaped an epic trailer that stands as a testament to our team's commitment to excellence. This project not only tested our limits but also became a defining chapter in our professional journey, leaving us eager to take on the next adventure in the dynamic realm of gaming collaborations.

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