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Light Nite - Game Trailer

Property of Satoshis Games



Our journey with Satoshis Games Inc. on the Light Nite game trailer was truly thrilling. What made it stand out? Well, for starters, this game is built on Crypto concepts, and even all the main characters share the same names – a quirky touch that perfectly aligned with the crypto hype of those days!

Watch it here

Challenges and Highlights

  • Game Design: The game came with an existing low-poly cartoonish design, and our challenge was to seamlessly integrate our work with its distinctive art style. While all the characters were part of the game (we didn't create them), we took charge of all the assets, animations, and the final output, ensuring it stayed true to the original game's style.

  • Character Count: Light Nite boasts an extensive cast of characters, a first for our team in terms of quantity and production scale. The client entrusted us with this sizable task, and successfully managing this multitude of characters not only met their expectations but also gave us a significant confidence boost.

  • Effects: Our client provided an asset pack for the gaming engine, including effects. However, as we utilized Blender for this production, we took on the challenge of recreating all the effects, shootings, and blasts within Blender to mimic the original style. This marked our first venture into such an elaborate fight battle scene, a learning experience that we embraced with enthusiasm.

  • Style Evolution: Our animation team, known for their cute and cartoony style, embraced the challenge of adapting to Light Nite's unique aesthetic. This departure from our usual style not only added value to the project but also enriched the skills and versatility of our animation team.

    Light Nite is not just a game; it's a fun experience, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with the Satoshis Games Inc. team. Here's to the exciting world of gaming and creative collaborations!


Light Nite is a multiplayer third-person shooter with in-game Bitcoin rewards, NFTs, and a minimalistic low-poly and cartoonish design offering several game modes like team deathmatch or a battle-royale game mode for solo and squads teamplay

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