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Please Come Back for Christmas - Music Video

Property of BB Films



Please come back for Christmas! Our latest project(an animated music video) is more than just animation; it's a touching narrative inspired by a true story. Imagine a lost dog, a loyal human friend, and a heartwarming Christmas reunion.

Watch it here

Challenges and Highlights

  • Real Canine Charisma: Our animated dog isn't just any character; it's based on a real dog. Balancing authenticity with our signature cartoon style was a delightful challenge for our team.

  • Enchanting Effects: From snow and lightning to air effects and dynamic weather changes, we meticulously crafted every frame to meet our client's specific timing and atmospheric preferences.

  • Innovative Production Approach: Our client's unique previsualization style, featuring videos, written thoughts, and references, challenged our team to break free from the norm and embrace a fresh, unconventional approach.

  • Production Challenges: Crafting 8 flying reindeer with fur presented a computational challenge. We efficiently created variations for close-ups, mid-shots, and wide shots to ensure a seamless production.

  • Unforeseen Hurdles: Amid the creative process, unexpected challenges like Santa's hair behaving oddly and managing ropes tied to the reindeer added a touch of humor to our tight schedule.

The Extra Mile
Despite the hurdles, the project was a profound learning experience. Our client proudly showcased the video on
CGBros and CGMeetup Challenge on YouTube, receiving positive feedback.

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