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Way Cool World - Series

(In Production)

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Welcome to the captivating realm of "Way Cool World," where music intertwines seamlessly with storytelling. In this unique concept, Antsy(creadit) takes you on a journey, unraveling the tales behind his enchanting compositions. Our mission is to craft a credit and trailer video to ignite fundraising efforts, blending the magic of music with the art of storytelling. This one-of-a-kind adventure, uniting the power of narrative and melody.

More details -

Trailer for Episode 1

Written & Directed by James Dalessandro

Challenges and Highlights

  • Cartoony Antsy: Capturing Antsy's distinctive appearance, mannerisms, and personality in a cartoony style posed a significant challenge. Ensuring an accurate portrayal while infusing a playful animated vibe required careful attention and creative finesse, extending to all characters.

  • Time Crunch with Characters: The abundance of characters within a tight timeframe added a layer of complexity. Each character holds a unique story, making it essential to avoid relegating anyone to a secondary role. This complexity demanded careful planning and execution.

  • Heavy Files and Data: Detailing each frame with intricate information resulted in hefty files and sluggish performance. Managing the substantial data load proved challenging, requiring innovative solutions to maintain efficiency throughout the project.


  • Inspirational Director: The heartbeat of our project, Director James, despite his age, exudes boundless energy and unwavering love for the project. His inspirational dedication became a guiding light for our team, setting a standard we all aspire to. If only all artists could approach their work with such passion!

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Proud Moment:A defining moment for our team was when Director James publicly praised us during a YouTube Live session. This recognition not only boosted morale but highlighted the collaborative success we've achieved.

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